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Q-How can you bid my job without coming to look at it in person?

A-Over the years, we have developed systems and a process that, often times, allows us to quote your cleaning project right over the phone.  We utilize Google Maps and Bing Maps to view the property while we are talking with you about the job, that coupled with asking a few basic questions allows us to give you an accurate quote in minutes, right over the phone!

Sometimes there are jobs that require different approaches, properties that we can not see online, or just needs an up close look.  With these types of jobs, we will schedule  a time to come by that is convenient for you.

If you prefer an in person, on site quote, that’s not a problem either.  Just let us know that when you call and one of our amazing service centered team members will come and see you!

Q-How do you price a job?

A-We take several things into account for the final pricing of every job.  Our systems for pricing take into account the size and scope of the job (number of windows, inside and out or outside only, square footage of property…), special or difficult access areas (second or third stories that will require a ladder or can not be reached from the ground due to an additional roof line…), time to complete a job, amount, type, and level of debris on the surface to be cleaned…

Each job is priced individually and with the exception of some of our seasonal package pricing offers, no two jobs are the same and no two pricing options are the same.

We also offer multi service discounts ranging from 5%-15% based on the number of services requested and scheduled, as well as payment options on any residential job over $1,000.

We will create a cleaning package to meet your needs and your budget.


Q-What’s that pole and brush thing you’re using on my windows?

A-For exterior window cleaning we will often times utilize our water fed pole cleaning system.  Without boring you with a science lesson, it basically takes the water from your exterior tap, runs it through a bunch of beads, and pushes it out the other end 100% pure.  This means that we can clean your windows in a fast and efficient way without having to put ladders up and risk damage to your property or the safety of our team, and the windows don’t have to be hand dried which can sometimes leave behind streaks.  The pure water evaporates away leaving behind a beautifully clean, streak, and spot free window!


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